Narration of a school year with Covid-19

Narration of a school year with Covid-19

We spent a year and a half with the new situation in the world. We came up with masks and disinfectants and they became an integral part of us. Everyone was looking for solutions to escape the corona virus. For example, we put two masks or even a few masks on our face. Although there are no differences in the number of the mask that we use, we were more comfortable.

In the meantime, however, there were those who, regardless of the state of the world, sought their daily lives in order to meet the basic needs of their lives. Including working children and school dropouts. The situation has arisen and has made lives harder for them.

At the beginning of the school year, we tried to bring the children to school. We started the school year with groups of students from each grade. Despite the lack of space, we tried to get acquainted with the children by observing hygiene and motivate them to start the school year.

We started, but the situation in Tehran turned red. We closed face-to-face classes and started online classes.

New and perhaps not so new problems began. We experienced many of these problems at the beginning of the pandemic last year; They were coming now. The instructors checked the condition of each student and immediately informed the principal and the instructor. They also tried to solve the problem with their pursuits and no child was left out of the lesson. Some children did not have smartphones or tablets and could not work with them. Some went to work when the face-to-face class was closed and worked harder than before.

Our classes were also held in a regular platform. The teachers had no opportunity to create an attractive online class. Think about it, not all children can be there for audio or video, and the teacher still has to divide it into different groups and give each group a specific time to go online. But the difficult problem we faced was the lack of motivation of some families and even children to learn the lesson online. In this case, many of them were talked to on the phone several times and we convinced them that we should finally come to terms with this situation and live. Many of them accepted and returned, and many didn’t go under any circumstances.

You know, sometimes trying to convince people is harder than trying to create and provide opportunities for something. But in the meantime, there were some joys. Some children were so fond of studying and learning that they would come before the appointed time and if it was a minute later than the appointed time, they would follow up and call their teacher. If the class wanted a break for any reason, they were totally greedy not to close…

This year passed with all its ups and downs so far, but with the beginning of the year 1400, hopes became more alive in our hearts. And we continue to strive with hope and passion to make the world a little better for even one person, with or without corona virus.

Written by : Hamideh Ansari

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