The employment department

The employment department in the “Pooyesh Association” is the hope of mothers

Concerned about putting smile on the lips of mothers whose bitterness of life has withered them in these days.

Monire has been present for a long time alongside of the women in the “Pooyesh Association” for the love of education, and she is teaching them artistic skills and earning money in order to empower them.

Monire Ahmadlou talks about the women who raised their mood by working in this field and continues: “Since we started this work, the morale of the ladies has improved a lot, but Corona has made things a bit harder and the visits have decreased, for example I like  to get together with the ladies once or twice a week and teach them more creativity for work and use the intimate relationship that has been created for their development, but now the situation is different and even if I want to give them new job orders,  I will invite them one by one so that there is no gathering and no danger.”

She continues: “I have many plans to work with these women, I even coordinated with a production center in Tehran and we work for them, when I see that they are working with so much motivation and effort to produce the best quality, I am convinced that if they continue on this path, they can have a good income for themselves in the future. This is very important to me.” According to Monire, the work and success of these women is very important to her because their financial independence can reduce the domestic violence they are involved in.

The head of the employment department of the “Pooyesh Association” says: “These women did not think that their artistic creations and talents mattered at all, and they did not value them at all, and it took me a long time to convince them that their work is very important, really if the economic situation of these women, it will definitely improve their mood and their view.”

Finally, Monire points out that there is no fixed workshop location for women, which makes working conditions difficult for them, and emphasizes that doing art requires a specific place and workshop.

It is noteworthy that the employment department of “Pooyesh Association” has produced high quality health masks for sale in the difficult days of the corona pandemic.

Written by: Nastaran Farkhe

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