Help Pooyesh Association

?What is happening at the center of social work unit of the Pooyesh Association Violence is rampant in most families covered by the Pooyesh Association “Masoumeh Khalili” is the head of the psychology and social work unit of the Pooyesh Child Friendly Association, who joined the association as a volunteer psychologist with experience in working […]

The relation of Research, University, and NGOs

The Impact of Privatization on the Expansion of Garbage Collector Children It is an interview with one of the active volunteers of the Pooyesh Association, who has done a lot of activities in the human resources unit, as well as the development and research of the association. Mohammad Hassan Karimian holds a Master’s degree in […]

Report of the meeting in the field of garbage collecting and waste managment

Somewhere in our independent activities, we came together to solve a problem we saw in the vicious cycle of garbage collection so that we might be able to work together more effectively. We both concluded that the activists in this issue are unaware of each other, and there is no platform for dialogue between them. […]

World Immigrant Day

On the occasion of World Migrants Day Illegal immigration is more challenging than what the media shows Author: Nastaran Farokheh A researcher in the social field believes that even with the amendment of laws such as giving birth certificates to children with Iranian mothers and foreign fathers, the systems and structures, also people who behave […]

An overview of the child and adolescent protection law

The Law on the Protection of Children and Adolescents was finally approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly on May 13 of this year, 11 years after the first bill was submitted to the Assembly, and was approved by the Guardian Council on the 31st of the same month. Although cunctation, negligence and in some cases […]

Coronavirus and challenging times for education in developing countries

Coronavirus and challenging times for education in developing countries The United Nations recently reported that 166 countries closed schools and universities to limit the spread of the coronavirus. One and a half billion children and young people are affected, representing 87 percent of the enrolled population. With few exceptions, schools are now closed countrywide across Africa, Asia, […]

Child and adolescent protection laws in Iran

Child and adolescent protection laws in Iran Child and adolescent protection laws in Iran face a large vacuum, and restrictions on services and social protection can be seen when dealing with violations of children and adolescent’s rights. These days, we are witnessing many examples of violations of the rights of children and adolescents, including sexual, […]

New research reveals the cost of international education

New research reveals the cost of international education around the world in 2019  The most expensive international education worldwide can be found in Asia, particularly in China. Beijing, Shanghai and Zurich are the top three most expensive cities for international schools. The Middle East and Africa are the cheapest areas in the world for international […]

Endowment is the most natural reaction

I look at the waist keeper boy. He is about 12 years old. Sitting in my car, I support the fact that poverty, or at least this amount of poverty, is far from me. I think my family, education, skills and relationships protect me from such poverty; The poverty that I have to go through […]

Child labor gang

Child labor gang; The myth that the media created We see many children every day at the crossroads of the city, sometimes with their small bodies lost in the colorful cars on the street, and we only see their small hands when they ask for an amount of money stretching to the half-high windows. Children […]