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The ’Pooyesh child friendly association’ has been actively pursuing three major activities to restore the lost children’s rights in the region, which are under the general title of “empowering family of children at risk”. These three main axes are:
A) Educational services for children and Reading Promotion .
B) Empowerment, literacy and employment of the family .
C) The physical and mental health of the children and their family.

The area which we operate in includes the villages of Mahmudabad, Islamabad, Qasemabad, Ghani Abad, Khavarshahr town, Zamabad, as well as brick kilns near to these villages. These villages on the outskirts of Tehran are generally home to several vulnerable groups:
1- Garbage collector children.
2- Child Labor.
3- Children deprived of education. 4- Children who have retarded of school.

About a decade ago (2008), the ‘Pooyesh child friendly association’ started its voluntary and charitable activities in the suburbs of southeastern Tehran with the permission and supervision of the Tehran Welfare Organization. From the beginning, the members of this association were a group of students and urban civil activists with the guidance of local civil activists living in the area. So far, more than 200 volunteers from Tehran and more than 30 local civil society activists have been continuously involved in the activities of the Association.



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